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United Kingdom

The UK’s history as a financial hub was more than enough to justify headquartering our offices in London. 


With the world becoming increasingly geopolitically hard to predict, clients are now looking for jurisdictions which offer stability, excellent legal and banking resource, a reliable currency, good treaty networks and a tested legal framework.  

Furthermore, with attractive lifestyle opportunities the UK ticks all the boxes for international executive clients.


The UK offers a large talent pool of experts specializing in all spheres of international professional & financial services. Mixed with excellent schools, universities and affordable properties private clients can comfortably run their global affairs with the UK as their base.


Progressive tax reform for corporate entities means the UK is an enticing place for clients to set up their overseas operations. Further with the exit from the European Union international clients are flocking to take advantage of new trade agreements and the extensive treaty network.


Bulldog Group and its management team have over 15 years working in the UK and as a regulated Chartered Accountancy practice (under the ICEAW) have a detailed understanding of the solutions that can work for international clients. 

Corporate Solutions

Bulldog group offer a wide suite of solutions for clients exploring a corporate presence in the UK.

Bulldog Group can offer the following services: 

Corporate Services

Full set up of all UK corporate vehicles including Private Limited Companies, Limited Liability Partnerships 'LLPs', Limited Partnerships 'LPs' and UK Trusts with foreign Trustees. On going management and governance of all UK corporate vehicles with full company secretarial support and domestic Directorships.


Accounting and Bookkeeping

With in house qualified accountants, Bulldog have the ability to offer end to end real time accounting solutions for clients. For cost management our back office of trained UK GAAP and IFRS support staff can keep overheads low without loss of quality. We also ensure financial statement are compiled within the guidelines of UK law and filed in a timely manner to ensure the smooth running of our client’s operation.


With data leaks becoming a regular occurrence on the corporate stage, Bulldog undertook a forensic review of our compliance process in 2016. We now offer clients an ultimately 3rd party secure solution via our internal compliance servers to ensure your information is kept safe at all times.

VAT Services

Our team can ensure your business is registered for VAT and ongoing filing and reporting is conducted on time. Further, we can assist with completion and filing of INTRASTAT and EC Sales obligations.

Office Sourcing and Services

With our dedicated network, we can source client's exceptional office space throughout the United Kingdom based on their needs.  In addition, we can assist with recruitment and staffing of domestic offices as part of the client's requirements.


Legal Support your new UK business

Bulldog partner with firms who can offer HR support, payroll solutions, staff management, set up and management  of hosted trading partners, registration of intellectual property and brands. 

Private Client Solutions

With Private clients at the core of Bulldog’s focus as a firm, we offer an array of services to assist in every facet of their professional and personal lives.


Domestic & International Visa programs

Many clients looking for a flexible, tax efficient alternative residency are exploring the UK Resident Non-Domicile program. Bulldog partner with immigration firms to assist client’s transition from their home jurisdictions to the UK. Furthermore, we can offer expedited offshore residency VISAs such as Dubai, St. Lucia and Kitts & Nevis.


Private off-market property sourcing

Clients looking for exclusivity and discretion when moving to another country can struggle when it comes to finding the perfect home. Bulldog have a trusted track record of sourcing property within our client’s remit. Further we can ensure the process is managed smoothly and structured correctly to fit in with their global tax profile.


Concierge Services

From finding the best schools to arranging for medical or dental healthcare, Bulldog have the ability toassist in all facets of your personal life. We can offer management of private residences, UK and International Executive travel support, credit lines and international charge cards to make the transition as easy as possible