The Bulldog Group provides a wide range of tailored financial services and products globally. These services include company formation, international tax planning, management services, accounting, banking and finance support, real estate consultancy, yachting & aviation structures and consultancy, business process outsourcing (BPO) and IT services. 


Bulldog’s financial professionals provide a broad range of local and international financial solutions and act in partnership with the clients’ specialist tax advisers in their respective jurisdiction. 


We can provide solutions and advice on aircraft and helicopter ownership. We advise on structuring, registration on leading registries, administration and operational issues. These include VAT, EU import and export services, customs and duties and generally ensuring your aircraft complies with all regulations. 

Bulldog can provide a full range of UK corporate services including: 


* Company and Partnership Formation 

* Company Secretarial & Directorship Services 

* Bookkeeping & Final Accounts Preparation 

* VAT Registration & Compliance 

* Corporate Tax Filing & Compliance 

* Payroll Services 

* Facilitating Statutory Audit 

* Legal Services 


Yacht ownership need not be a complex experience. We can offer a comprehensive range of services to yacht owners. We specialise in setting up corporate ownership structures, international yacht registration (commercial and non commercial purposes) and finance. We can optimise the VAT arrangements for yacht ownership and operation as well as the importation of vessels into EU waters. 


We also provide advice on crew certification and yacht code compliance. 


We work with clients and their professional team to identify optimal holding structures for overseas real estate.


We aim to take advantage of inheritance tax laws, elimination of capital gains tax and the reduction of transaction costs for purchaser and vendor.


BPO consists of the removal of non core activities by an organisation and transfer to a specialized third party based in a low cost jurisdiction. This enables the organisation to concentrate on their core valued added service(s) or product(s) and dramatically reduce costs. 


We are able to provide BPO to our professional intermediaries for key areas including; bookkeeping, management reporting, financial statement preparation and compliance review. These are critical services for all of our clients and they are often expensive to provide themselves due to the requirement for skilled professionals to perform the service. For certain clients, e.g legal firms, such areas do not form part of their core valued added service. 


Our BPO operations are performed out of the hub of the BPO community, Bangalore, India. Bangalore has created a reputation within the BPO industry. The advantages of using this BPO centre include: 

* Flexible shift working staff which accommodates multiple time zones.

* Availability of highly educated graduates. 

* English speaking professional candidates. 

* World renowned professional accounting body. 

* Promotion of BPO services by the local government. 


Clients with cross border operations and foreign investments are now facing increasing challenges of optimizing the tax efficiency of their international structures. 


Our experience and knowledge can deliver the optimal tax solutions for our clients, which can result in continued benefits for the client year after year. By helping our clients create innovative and strategic solutions, we enable them to meet the challenges of today’s complex international business environment. 


Some of the solutions and products we have devised for our clients include: 


International Trading Solutions 

Investment Vehicle Solutions 

IP & Royalty Solutions 

Holding Company Solutions

Foreign Direct Investment

* Asset Protection


We understand our clients and their need for discretion and leading edge security and so we offer a cost effective IT service providing a secure, maintained “fully-serviced” electronic mail system and/or web- based intranet. 


Features of our WebMail solution include: 


* Email backup 

* UK based mail site 

* Storage 

* Support 

* Secure Web Based email access ensuring absence of local data or email storage considerations 

* Full encryption 

* Registered site certificate 

* Email server provision and maintenance 

* Domain registration for email addresses 


United Kingdom real estate as an asset class is amongst the most sought after in the world. 


The United Kingdom is one of the strongest members of the G20 with renowned economic and political stability. With the benefit of UK real estate (in England & Wales) being protected by English Common Law the United Kingdom has been a favourite of international investors for its safety, capital growth and strong history of secure investment return. 


With property transaction costs being amongst the lowest in Europe, international investors have long bought UK property assets for tax efficiency, security, preserving confidentiality and for passing to their heirs. 


Through Bulldog’s network of corporate and private investors, financial institutions and boutique auction houses specializing in commercial and residential real estate, we are able to provide access to off market real estate opportunities and developments in the United Kingdom.