Private Client Solutions

With Private clients at the core of Bulldog’s focus as a firm, we offer an array of services to assist in every facet of their professional and personal lives.


Domestic & International Visa programs

Many clients looking for a flexible, tax efficient alternative residency are exploring the UK Resident Non-Domicile program. Bulldog partner with immigration firms to assist client’s transition from their home jurisdictions to the UK. Furthermore, we can offer expedited offshore residency VISAs such as Dubai, St. Lucia and Kitts & Nevis.


Private off-market property sourcing

Clients looking for exclusivity and discretion when moving to another country can struggle when it comes to finding the perfect home. Bulldog have a trusted track record of sourcing property within our client’s remit. Further we can ensure the process is managed smoothly and structured correctly to fit in with their global tax profile.


Concierge Services

From finding the best schools to arranging for medical or dental healthcare, Bulldog have the ability toassist in all facets of your personal life. We can offer management of private residences, UK and International Executive travel support, credit lines and international charge cards to make the transition as easy as possible.