Bulldog Miami Corp.

(Representative Office)


Bulldog Miami Corp. is the Group's newest office. Incorporated in 2018, the office offers a purely representative presence in the United States.


Designed for the convenience of our Latin American clients, the Miami office provides a local meeting point for clients who are based in South Florida or are simply passing through.

In addition, the office is used to dip into the local pool of financial, banking and legal intermediaries in order to offer the best advisory solutions for our clients.


Bulldog’s financial professionals provide a broad range of local and international financial solutions and act in partnership with the clients’ specialist tax advisers in their respective jurisdiction. 

Our Services

Although we are not licensed to execute business in Miami, we do offer full access to the Group's wider solutions via our London and Dubai offices.

The team in Miami are focused on entering into firm relationships with local US and Puerto Rican banking institutions in order to provide multiple solutions for today's challenging banking landscape. 

Contact Details

Bulldog Miami Corp.

1395 Brickell Avenue, 

Suite 900,

Miami, Florida


United States of America

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